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Who we are
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In the Italian Way

Who we are
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Italian food made from scratch

The story of the products we make from scratch starts from far back in a time when Italy was just a geographic area with lots of small independent states.

Our kitchen is now a treasure trove where we collect and keep alive old Italian recipes and handicraft and stories.

Everyday we process the best 

ingredients selected from local suppliers and farms to ensure the best flavors and colors so that you can enjoy Italian traditionally made food.

Our pasta is shaped daily in our kitchen and our long rise breads are made with our sourdough starter and self produced flour

 ground in store with our stone mill.

Making daily from scratch. In the Italian way.
This is Màstra.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To offer


authentic Italian passion food

made to nourish

the body and the soul.

Our Story
Our Story
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My name is Jonathan I'm the founder and owner of Màstra Italian Bakery Bistro.
I grew up in Genova Italy, developing a spontaneous interest for food, history and serving others.
In 2001 I started working at Panificio Mario, a historical bakery in downtown Genova, there I found my own dimension between traditional food and  timeless baking techniques.
In 2015 after I graduated in Italy as a Master Baker Instructor I decided to somehow start my own shop to achieve my dream to serve the community by sharing quality food and the beauty of Italian tradition and after 5 years of hard work, my dream has become true. 
At Màstra you'll experience 100% authentic delicious Italian food, the Joy of food making and the magic of the Italian culture affordable for everyone.
Thanks for writing the next page of this story with me!

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