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Your authentic 
Italian ExperieNce
In Utah County


"Our mission is to offer

affordable authentic

Italian passion food 

made from scratch

to nourish the body

and the soul"

What to expect when you come at Màstra

My name is Jonathan, I'm a professional Italian baker and owner of Màstra Italian Bakery and Bistro. 

I lived in Italy for the first 32 years of my life and I've been a foodie since I was a kid. 


As I moved to Utah in 2015 I started looking around for Italian restaurants offering authentic quality food for all budgets but I couldn't find any.


So I began selecting as many local affordable quality raw materials as I could to cook my family recipe for my relatives and friends.


For years I kept telling myself

"people here deserve better food !" 

Màstra Italian bakery bistro comes from the idea of offering to the community real great food made from scratch and an amazing value

for the money Italian experience.


At Màstra there is a family atmosphere.

The food in our menu is not sophisticated

but it's made to taste just amazing.

The interiors are not luxurious,

they look clean and bright and celebrate the art

of artisan food making.

At Màstra you won't find fancy servers but our welcoming staff making sure that you have a great experience.

Everything at Màstra is design so you can be nourished by the flavors, the warmth and atmosphere of Italy spending an unbeatable money for value price.

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